Date: 13th March 2020

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm

Investment: £45.00

If both the ‘Hypermobility’ workshop and the ‘Trauma Sensitive Yoga’ workshops are taken, there is a combined discount rate of £80.

Please Select

Very flexible?
Think you might be hypermobile?
Or maybe you are a yoga teacher and think that some of your students might be?

Yoga is often thought of as a practice to increase flexibility. Having a very flexible body may be thought of as an advantage. It needs to be addressed with awareness and sensitivity, however, in order to avoid pain and injury.

This workshop is open to :
- both trainee and qualified yoga teachers
- practitioners who would like to learn more about managing their practice safely.

The workshop is explicitly welcoming, inclusive and considerate of differing abilities and bodies.

We will look at:
- What is hypermobility?
- What are the typical symptoms?
- Tests for hypermobility and similar conditions
- Pre and post natal considerations
- Finding strength, stability and balance

This workshop gives you:

For yoga teachers:
- practical tools to observe and assess your student population
- linguistic instructions to support an inclusive space for differing mobilities
- hands-on assists and use of props to support physical integrity
all from the very beginning of class.

For practitioners:
- how to practice safely in class if you are hypermobile
- cultivation of greater agency and sense of self to better support your practice and life

The learning experience is via a mixture of media:
- experience of a practical trauma-sensitive yoga class
- theory lecture
- group discussion
- printed manual to take home

These all contribute to give you the practical tools to facilitate a safer yoga space for yourself and / or your students.

This workshop is led by Donna Gerrard.  Donna is a 1500 hour yoga teacher, yoga therapist and yoga teacher trainer, and is currently studying for her MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, University of London. She is currently researching her masters dissertation on the topic of how yoga and contemplative practices can reverse the trajectory of trauma. Donna has a personal history of managing hypermobility through a lifetime of yoga and dance. She has been teaching yoga for over 13 years. Breaking her back in 2014 inspired her to train as a yoga therapist and share yoga as a healing modality with an even wider audience.

Please note that Donna is not a medical practitioner and medical diagnosis and guidance should always be sought in the first instance if in any doubt about your readiness and suitability for any type of physical exercise or movement.

Donna is a registered Yoga Alliance Professionals CPD provider. 3 certified CPD hours are available per workshop, a total of 6 hours for the whole day.