Mindful Eating pic

Investment: £29.50

Mindful Eating and Body Confidence

Date: 11 March 2019 

Time: 1.30 - 3.30pm

Audrey will give us a feel for what it is like to love our food choices and enjoy our bodies and the way they move and feel.

Interview with Audrey Boss about Mindful Eating & Body Confidence from Julia Davis on Vimeo.

Audrey Boss is a mindful eating & embodied movement teacher working from the premise that telling people what to eat and how to exercise doesn’t work.  She offers students guidance and support for a healthier relationship with food and their bodies based on the principles of mindfulness, intuitive eating and conscious dance.  Together she will explore with you how to shape a different experience of eating and moving.  One where we are nourishing all our hungers and able to navigate the storms of life as they happen with confidence and ease.  She is enthusiastic, kind and she works creatively and flexibly with the unique challenges that everyone of us brings to the table.  She is the co author of “Beyond Chocolate: The mindful way to a healthy relationship with food and your body.”  She is also a qualified open floor movement practitioner.