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Monthly Moon Circle

Time:  11.30am - 2.00pm

Concessions for low income/benefits

Upcoming Dates: (No May date - PR with a Heart will be taking place at Finchley Yoga on the 11th May), 7th June, 5th July, 2nd Aug

We are all busy in our own ways, wearing many hats and performing different roles – worker, mother, daughter, carer.  Our daily lives can take us away from our authentic selves, keeping us in the head and not leading from the heart and wombspace.  This gathering space is a space for you to remove your hats and come as you are. It is a safe space to ‘be’, to explore and to breathe.

For more information please contact Julia directly.

What is a Moon Circle? Melonie answers this question for you in this interview below.

About Melonie:

Melonie Syrett has founded a range of women's circles and events based around reconnecting to the authentic self. She provides a safe space for women to express themselves, open to vulnerability and to begin to connect with each other rather than compete against each other. Melonie seeks to reconnect women to their bodies, their stages of life and their sense of what it is to be 'female'.

Melonie taught in Primary Schools for 15 years and is an expert in Relationships and Sex Education. She works with girls and their mothers to ensure that girls are informed and supported as they go through puberty and start their periods. She knows what it is to have no-one to speak to about your changing body and knows the fear, disconnect and and low self esteem that can emerge as a result.

Ultimately, Melonie seeks to integrate the understanding of the female body, its phases of life and processes into mainstream society.  She seeks to remove the taboos and related shame that many women and girls take on and bring back the feeling of support and community -the tribe - back as the norm.