Yoga Teachers Forum London

The Forum meets on various dates throughout the week at Finchley Yoga. All events can be used for CPD points.

Our Wednesday afternoon meetings take place between 1.30-3.30pm and raise money for Shelter - all donations are doubled.

"Wonderful session today. I have so enjoyed it"  Leora Zehavi

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30 October 2019: “Following Your Heart’s Path” led by Nina Rashid

27 November 2019: “Yoga & Creativity” led by Monica Ruiz

29 January 2020: “Pre & Postnatal Yoga” led by Jill Miller

26 February 2020: “Hasta Mudras & Hands in Yoga” led by Joanna Benn

25 March 2020: “Running Retreats, Workshops and Training Courses for Yoga Teachers” led by Judy Sampathy, Yoga United

29 April 2020: “Practical Tips for Your Yoga Business” led by Dawn Wright

20th May 2020: "Pranayama" led by Maxine Levy

24th June 2020: "Yoga Philosophy in Practice" led by Susan Lodge

15th July 2020: "Kundalini Mantra Meditation" led by Nick Stolerman

30th September 2020: "Teaching Yin Yoga" led by Helen Boby

28th October 2020: "Body Positive Yoga " led by Donna Noble

All the sessions are run by yoga teachers wishing to share their love for a particular aspect of yoga with the group.  Meetings are eligible for 2 CPD hours.

It is suggested that you bring your own drink and fruit to share.

"It was really nice to gather, listen, share points of views, experiences and questions"  Marie Chabert

“Thanks Richard for a lovely afternoon learning such invaluable information.” Sara


A donation to Shelter will be made for every attendee.

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Yoga Teacher Mentoring Sessions with Julia Davis:

  • 30 min Introductory Teacher Mentoring - £15
  • 60 min Yoga Teacher Mentoring - £60
  • 4 Teacher Mentoring Sessions - £195

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Upcoming Workshops:

14th Oct 2019 - Creating a Yoga Listening Partnership
4th Nov 2019 - Teaching Yoga for Cancer
25th Nov 2019 - Yoga & Money for Yoga Teachers 
7th February 2020 - Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga
13th March 2020 - Hypermobility for Yoga Teachers & Students
27th March 2020 - Teaching Chair Yoga

Other events suitable for teachers will take place throughout the year.  Please contact Julia directly if you would like to join the group and to find out more about the regular Wednesday meetings.