Date: Friday 15 November 2019 

Time:  - 9.30am - 4.30pm

Investment £80.00

There is an abundance of pleasure possible, a great deal more than we all currently live. It is freely available to everyone without discrimination or expense.

Real pleasure is constantly available in every moment and with every interaction.

The Universe Of Deliciousness is a reality hidden in plain sight. I am inviting you to make a journey without moving, from the surface of life to the depths, where real pleasure, power and satisfaction await.

The route to satisfying pleasure is a choice. A shift in our experience and perception. Attention to ourselves and others. Awareness of the richness of our experience of the physical body, with all its sensations, feelings, imagination and knowings.

It is a journey that may change your life, into a dynamic stillness of full-bodied on-earth living. This is about sexuality and healing, sustainability and the earth, love, creativity and mystery.

The workshop will be a spontaneous response to the individuals who are present. The medicine is a guided process of slowing down, increasing your body awareness and appreciation of the depth of life, we then move into an exploration of the relational nature of life, the pleasure that is possible and personal integrity and power. We end by exploring our individual and collective potential.

This workshop will be led by Julia Hollenbery who is an experienced Embodiment Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Author. She brings people into their truth and body for real life confidence.

The Wonderful World of Women's Circles with Julia Davis and Julia Paulette Hollenbery from Julia Davis on Vimeo.

"What a GREAT evening! The workshop was transformative for me. I was able to lose myself to abandon and play, something that had been cut short at 16 years! All in all a creation of love in a group in under 3 hours - wonderful."

"Julia brings a deep wisdom and integrity to her work which never ceases to inspire me. I value how safe and held I have felt in her workshops. As a facilitator, Julia, has supported me on my journey back to my own heart. Thank you! XXX"

"Julia is a deeply committed practitioner who brings a wealth of wisdom, intuition and open heartedness to her work. Her love of life shines out of her soul and into the lives of those of us who are fortunate to have come into her orbit."